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Infant - Weekly Email

Dear Parent/Carer,


World Book Day: The children looked fabulous in their costumes and thoroughly enjoyed all the lovely activities they took part in during the day. Mrs Junak from School Aid came in to do assembly to explain about the work the charity does. Many thanks to you  for providing the costumes and to Mrs Jones for all her hard work in coordinating the day . The book swap  has been very successful and we hope the children enjoy reading their new book. There were lots of books also taken by School Aid to give to the children in Africa. Thank you to the parents who came in to help this afternoon.


Pencil Project: Running alongside the book swap we have had some pencil cases filled with stationary brought in. If you would like to participate,  please bring any filled pencil cases to the school office and we will give them to School Aid at a later date.


Story Swap:  Swap a Story is our new reading initiative for this term. A little like the Reading miles challenge last year, we are encouraging children to read for 10 minutes every night. As children read each night, a parent should tick off the relevant day in the appropriate week. The next day in class children will have a story swap moment in order for them to share something about the story that they read e.g. talking about their favourite character or the best part of the story or most exciting part. The story swap moment will then encourage the children to do their daily reading so they can properly participate. If Children manage to tick off all 6 circles for the week they will get a sticker awarded by the class teacher. At the end of the term, we will collect in the booklets and will be awarding the most successful story ‘swappers’ with certificates and they will be entered into a prize draw. Please note the children DO NOT need to bring a book into school. 


Sapphire and Pearl Classes: Please remember to go to the School Hall for registration on Monday morning.


Wrigley's Oral Health Workshops:  Just to let you know that the below centres are running some Wrigley’s Workshops, These workshops will teach children and families the importance of protecting their oral health. The sessions include discussions, demonstrations and fun, interactive activities to help develop a better understanding of oral health and practical skills.


Below are the dates for all the local Wrigley’s workshops we will be running.


Chalfont area:

0-3years- 30th March, 10-11am @ Chalfont St Giles youth club.

3-6 years- 28th March, 2-3 pm @ Chalfont St peter parish hall

7+ years- 6th April, 2-3pm @ Beaconsfield Children’s Centre


Wooburn area:

 0-3 years-27th April, 10-11am @ Wooburn Children’s Centre

3-6 years- 24th February, 10-11am @ Christ church

7+ years- 5th April, 2-3pm @ Wooburn Children’s Centre



0-3 years - 12th April, 2-3pm @ Beaconsfield Children’s Centre

3-6 years- 23rd March, 10-11am @ Beaconsfield Children’s Centre

7+ years- 6th April, 2-3pm @ Beaconsfield Children’s centre


If any of your families would like to attend please get them to call the centre on 01494 678244.


The Week ahead:
Monday 6th March
  • Reception trip to the Roald Dahl Museum
  • Nursery and Year 2 to visit the Village Library
  • Playball (lunch time) 
  • PFO (after school)


Tuesday 7th March
  • Sapphire Forest School
  • Dancemania (lunch time)
  • Multiskills (lunch time)


Wednesday 8th March        

  • Year 2 trip to Woburn Safari Park. Children to be in school at 8.30am and returning to school at 4.30pm
  • Pearl Forest School
  • French Club (lunch time for Reception children) 
  • Tennis (lunch time for Year 2 children) 


Thursday 9th March           
  • Parents Evening 5.30pm-8.00pm
  • Ruby Forest School
  • Spanish (lunch time) 
  • French Club (after school for Years 1 and 2) 


Friday 10th March
  • Emerald Forest School
  • Maypole Dancing for Year 2 children who have signed up
  • Guitar Club (lunch time)