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Infant - Weekly Email

Dear Parents/Carers,
We hope you enjoyed coming in and seeing some of the art work the children produced as part of Arts Week. I think we can safely say it was a huge success this year and many thanks to Mrs Watt for putting in so much hard work to make it so enjoyable for all. Please keep your eyes peeled for the Felt Art the children produced with artist Heidi Street-Ward; once it has dried it will be put on display at the Infant school for all to see.
World Book Day: Thursday is World book day so the children can come dressed as a book character.
Friday's Book Swap: Friday will be the Story Swap so children will need to bring any used, good quality books from home into school. These are to be put on the labelled tables in the School Hall as children arrive at school. As yet we have had no volunteers (mentioned and indicated with tear off slip on letter before half term) to help Mrs Lucey with the afternoon and collating the left over books that will then be donated to School Aid.  If you can spare some time on the day then please let the school office know.
Allergen Advice: Please find attached the allergy sheets for weeks 2,3 and 4.
Advance notice:  Please note that on Thursday 4th May the Memorial Hall will be used for the local elections and therefore be unavailable at lunchtime for School lunches.  Please can you ensure you send your child in with a packed lunch.
Parking: Unfortunately we have been made aware of an incident where a local resident has been verbally abused by one of our parents/carers who had parked inconsiderately outside their house. Please remember the parking promise you signed when your child started at our school. We want to show our school in a good light and are very disappointed to hear of this situation. The registration details and description of the offender has been passed to police. 
Good Manners Fortnight
This week the children have talked about manners in their assemblies and created a good manners code.
At school we are working really hard to remind each other about our manners and keep the code.
CSG Good Manners Code

It is everyone’s responsibility to say ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon’ or ‘Hello’. When you do this, you make eye contact with the person. You might also ask ‘How are you?’ or ‘What have you been doing?’


We will all use thank you or no thank you and please.


We will open doors for others.


We will hold doors open for others.


We would really appreciate you supporting us with this work. 


Thank you, Mrs Peal


***PTA NEWS***


Congratulation to Christine Riddle, number 36, who is the February winner!

Please come to to the infant office to collect your winnings! (They will be there from pick up today).

100 club tickets for the remainder of the year will be on sale soon - £5 for the last 5 draws.

Thank you all and well done Christine!



The Week ahead:
Monday 27th February
  • Parents Evening 15.30-18.00
  • Reception and Year 1 trips to the Village Library
  • Playball (lunch time) 
  • PFO (after school)


Tuesday 28th February
  • Sapphire Forest School
  • Dancemania (lunch time)
  • Multiskills (lunch time)


Wednesday 1st March        

  • Reception Health and Weight check
  • Pearl Forest School
  • French Club (lunch time for Reception children) 
  • Tennis (lunch time for Year 2 children) 


Thursday 2nd March           
  • World Book Day
  • Parents Evening 18.00-20.00
  • Ruby Forest School
  • Spanish (lunch time) 
  • French Club (after school for Years 1 and 2) 


Friday 3rd March
  • Swap a Story book swap
  • Emerald Forest School
  • Maypole Dancing for Year 2 children who have signed up
  • Guitar Club (lunch time)