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Infant - The PTA Needs You!

Did you know during the last academic year, the Infant School PTA raised over £19,000 and we couldn't have done that without the support and time of our parents - YOU!! This school year we are hoping to raise the same (if not more) and we're on the lookout for new PTA.


Our PTA activities range from Playground Cake & 2nd hand Uniform sales, Breakfast Cafes, Bags to School, Kids Christmas Cards to larger events such as Bingo nights, Ferret Racing, and the all exciting annual Strawberry Fayre and end of year Party In The Park..... and much more besides!!! 


None of the above is possible without the PTA so if you're curious about joining and feel that you could offer some of your time, please either come to the PTA AGM on Monday 25th September, 7.30pm at the Infant School, or email me directly at (or grab me in the Playground).  It's a great opportunity to meet some other parents in the school, have fun and be involved (plus we have some pretty decent PTA nights out too!)


If you don't want to 'fully' commit yourself to being a full PTA member, we are always in need of 'Friends of the PTA' whom we can call upon at certain events for help - not to get involved in the organisation of them, but we always need 'behind the scene' parents and this includes Dads for things like moving heavy objects, wrapping Christmas presents, cutting fruit... you get the picture...! Again, if you'd like to be on our 'Friends of the PTA' list, please email me.


We hope there are some of you who'd like to join us this new academic year; we look forward to hearing from you!


Kay Wilson

Infant School PTA Chair