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Infant - Switch Off Fortnight

Dear Parents/Carers


Switch Off Fortnight

The 8th of November sees the start of the annual ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ Eco campaign which aims to teach children about the importance of saving energy and choosing renewable energy sources.
For the next two weeks the children will be monitoring their electricity use whilst at school and taking care to turn off lights and computer screens when they are not in use. Our newly appointed Eco Warriors will be keeping a keen eye on the energy use in school!
We would love for you to join us in educating the children on this topic. Look out for the details of the Switch Off Fortnight competition appearing in the suggested activities for homework via Google Classrooms!
Here are some additional family ideas you could get involved with...
-Have a family ‘energy saving evening’ by switching off the tv, computers, phones, radios and iPads for the entire evening! Sounds easy but it’s more challenging than you might think! Get creative with alternative activities!
-Turn down your thermostat, just a little, and wrap up warm in lots of layers instead!
-Turn off all of the appliances that are not in use. You could go on an ‘energy adventure’ in your home to see which appliances don’t need to be on standby or on.
-Try to find an alternative to using electricity. Use a broom or a dustpan and brush instead of the hoover, draw on a piece of paper instead of the drawing app! What other alternatives can you think of?
-Take a shorter shower! Reduce the time spent in the shower or the temperature of the water you use!
-Research how to save energy, the different energy sources or renewable energy sources and create a fact sheet or poster to show others what you have found out!
Have fun taking part in Switch Off Fortnight and we look forward to hearing about your competition entries!
Mrs Colema