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Infant - Start and end of the day arrangements

Dear Parents and Carers,


We have now been in school for a couple of weeks and our start and end of the day routines are becoming well established. Thank you for all your support with this. There are just a few reminders:


  • At the start of the day please keep your child with you until they are told by a member of staff they can line up (Y1 and Y2) or enter school (Reception). Siblings must also stay with you. Children should not be running and playing in the playgrounds before school.

  • Please leave the school site immediately after dropping off or collecting your child.

  • Reception parents please stand away from the main school entrance and main school gate when waiting so the older children are able to walk through the playground safely.

  • Year 1 parents please wait until all Year 2 parents and children have left the Shakman playground before you enter both at the start and the end of the day.

  • Please make sure you stand on the correct side of the Shakman Playground by the grass and stay off the path into the playground so the children are not obstructed when being led through.

  • Please ensure social distance guidelines are observed when waiting in either playground.


Thank you for your co-operation. By working together we can make sure we keep ourselves and each other safe.


Kind regards


Mrs Mannion

Deputy Head Teacher