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Infant School = Head Lice

Dear Parent/Carer,


Unfortunately, there has been an occurrence of head lice in Year 2.


In order to eradicate the problem and to prevent it from re-occurring, please would everyone take the following steps:


  1. Check your child’s hair nightly.
  2. Any head lice and/or eggs should be removed.  As the eggs can remain stuck to the hair shaft even after combing, it may be necessary to examine the hair thoroughly and physically remove them.
  3. Continue to examine your child’s hair for the following two weeks, morning and evening.
  4. Special combs and shampoo are available from chemists. There is a variety of shampoos available, not all chemical-based.  You may wish to discuss this with your chemist.
  5. Ensure your child’s hair, if long, is always tied back in a ponytail.  We will ask any child who comes to school with their hair loose to put it into a ponytail using an elastic band.


Thank you for your co-operation.