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Infant - Reading Superstars and Maths Seeds champions - Monday 1st Feb

Good afternoon
Well done to the following children who have been reading superstars using Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress and maths champions on Maths Seeds. The children who achieved the most usage last week (25th - 31st January) were:

Reading Eggs -
Alexander from Ruby class
Jesse from Pearl class
Halle from Pearl class and Aashi from Pearl class
Reading Eggspress
Aanya from Diamond class 
Tyrion from Amethyst class
Lewis from Amethyst class and Emily from Amethyst class
Maths Seeds
Ralph from Amethyst class
Thomas from Ruby class
Ronnie from Ruby class

Usage in Reading Eggs and Eggspress is worked out by:- Total count of Lessons completed, Number of assessments completed, Spelling lessons completed, Stadium games and Books read.
Usage in Maths Seeds is calculated by - Total count of Maths lessons completed, Driving tests attempts and Number of quiz attempts.  

If you haven't tried the Story Factory part of Reading Eggs yet, maybe look into making your own book this week for a change. Who will be a reading superstar or a maths champion this week? 
Keep working, you are all doing a great job. Remember to take a break from screen time and try to get some fresh air and exercise every day.

Mrs Court
Reading Coordinator