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Infant - Parking Update

Dear Parent/Carer,


Again thank you to everyone who is avoiding School Lane and finding safe, alternative places to park when they are dropping their children into school.


Please be aware:

The Memorial Car Park is private and we are working with the Committee to ensure that the drop off and pick up times at school are as safe as possible for everyone.


We are not asking anyone to do anything other than to park legally and responsibly. That means avoiding areas that obstruct other road users or pedestrians, that state "Keep Clear" or are marked as a pavement. 


The PCSOs and parking wardens are monitoring the area to ensure that everyone, regardless of where they park, are parking legally and responsibly and with other road users and pedestrians in mind.


I know that all of us are keen to ensure everyone's safety and I look forward to your continued support.


Thank you 


School Office

Chalfont St Giles Village School (Infants)