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Infant - Ofsted Report

Dear Parents and Carers


As you know, the Infant School and Nursery were inspected by Ofsted in October and we have received the inspection report which is attached for your information.  I thought it would be useful to give a few words of explanation and context before you read it.


The inspection was a “Short” or “Section 8” Inspection.  These are relatively new to Ofsted and are different from the full, two-day inspection which you may have come across before. The purpose of a short inspection is to judge whether the school continues to be at least “Good” and whether safeguarding of children is effective.  


The inspector confirmed that our school continues to be good and safeguarding is effective.  Staff, leaders, governors and, most importantly, your children are highly praised and we are very proud of the positive feedback the school received.  It confirms our understanding as governors, with our more in-depth knowledge of the school, that your children are receiving an excellent education, are happy and well cared for and are making good progress.  Some quotes from the report:


‘You have created a school where every pupil is valued, nurtured and encouraged to do their best.’ ‘No stone is left unturned in your drive to keep improving all aspects of the school.’ 

‘Pupils at Chalfont St Giles continue to achieve standards that are above those seen nationally.’

‘Classrooms are happy, busy places of learning and pupils talk with enthusiasm about the interesting things they learn and how well their teachers look after them.’

‘All staff show warmth and great care of pupils and there is a tangible sense of community.’

‘There is a strong culture of safeguarding in the school’

‘You follow up concerns diligently and are tenacious in ensuring that pupils and their families receive the right support.’


As in all inspections, some next steps were provided.  We had just two and both of these are already areas we had identified as part of our school plan.   I would like to give some context around these.


The first refers to pupils having more opportunities to learn about other cultures and beliefs.  The inspector felt when speaking to a small group of year 2 children that they should be able to talk about and name a greater number of different religions and festivals.  We are therefore going to carry out our termly governor monitoring visit in this area to explore it in more detail and will report back to you through the termly newsletter in December.


The second identified area refers to an aspirational target of accelerating the progress of even more middle attaining pupils. The inspector agreed that middle attaining pupils are making good progress and our focus on challenging even more pupils to work at greater depth in their learning is appropriate.  One of the great strengths of this school is that we do not rest on our laurels but are constantly trying to be even better.


I hope you find this information helps your understanding of the report.  If you have any general questions about the report or the inspection process, please email them to Mrs Peal via the school office and come along to the Parent Information Meeting on 30th November at 7.30pm at the Junior site where they will be addressed.


In the meantime I would like to congratulate Mrs Peal, Mrs Mannion and all the staff for their hard work and dedication in providing such a superb learning environment for your children.


Yours sincerely


Donna Westall

Chair of Governors