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Infant - DIamond Class Parking Patrol

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a nice summer and are getting back into the swing of the school runs!


I'm looking for volunteers for the Parking Patrol for Diamond class which starts this coming Monday (17th September) for two weeks until Friday 28th September.  Its the same as last year - a patrol in the morning and afternoon, providing a visual reminder to drivers to not park dangerously around school lane, in the Guide Hut car park, or the Memorial Hall car park. 


This term the crossing corner is a key focus area, if volunteers are able to stand here near the Keep Clear road markings, this deters cars from parking over the crossing corner and hopefully makes it more visible as a crossing point. 


Morning patrols are ideally 8:40am to 9am and afternoon patrols are 2:55pm to 3:15pm. 


Your children are welcome to help in the morning until the bell and get a sticker - as well as the chance to take the safety hedgehog mascots out on patrol. Younger kids are welcome too. We recommend Memorial Hall slope as the safest location with kids. 


Mrs Peal has kindly volunteered for 4 patrols to kick us off, so please could you let me know if you are able to volunteer with the date/s and either morning or afternoon so I can book you in. Thanks very much in advance!


The dates are:


Next Week:

Mon 17th AM 

Mon 17th PM

Tues 18th AM Mrs Peal 

Tues 18th PM Mrs Peal

Weds 19th AM 

Weds 19th PM  Helen Younger

Thurs 20th AM Mrs Peal

Thurs 20th PM Mrs Peal

Friday 21st AM

Friday 21st PM


Week 2:

Mon  24th AM

Mon 24th PM

Tues 25th AM

Tues 25th PM

Weds 26th AM

Weds 26th PM

Thurs 27th AM

Thurs 27th PM

Fri 28th AM

Fri 28th PM


Here's the official info as well:


Parking Patrol – Autumn Term 2018


Thanks so much for helping keep all our kids safe! 

  • Your role is to provide a gentle, visual reminder to vehicles simply by being there.
  • Please don’t block/stop cars and don’t confront/approach drivers – move aside to give vehicles access.
  • Note vehicles on the clipboard if you don’t think they are authorised to park in the Guide Hut or Memorial Hall, or if they are parking illegally or inconsiderately on School Lane.
  • Your safety is most important, please ensure you and any helpers are wearing a hi-visibility vest - you volunteer at your own risk and are responsible for the safety of any kids helping you.
  • Despite our school Parking Promise, vehicles do have a legal right of way up School Lane and some people may have valid reasons for needing to park opposite the school eg mobility.
  • There is no need to note details for vehicles driving up School Lane or parking considerately in front of Gardens Association Hall.
Thanks again!