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ELSA Email - Wednesday 3rd March

Hello everyone

I hope you're all feeling full of energy after our lovely sunny weekend.  We enjoyed our first lunch in the garden, it's so good to think that the days will get warmer and eating outside will be normal. 

I've been chatting to a few of you this week, by phone or in person and it's been interesting that some of you are feeling a bit worried about returning to school. Some of you have enjoyed home learning and some of you have enjoyed learning at school in a small group.

Others are excited about Monday, lots of you are looking forward to meeting up with your friends and one of you told me that it will be good to "Do school stuff at school and home stuff at home" 

I think that lots of us get used to things very quickly, and don't like change. The positive to this of course is that we will all quickly get used to being back at school again. 

It's important to focus on positives and remember that what we think leads to how we feel. Negative thoughts make us feel sad and worried. Positive thoughts make us feel happy and excited. Imagine your head full of happy smiles, so there's no room for sad faces. 

My happy thoughts are of cuddling the lovely Buddy, hot chocolate and cake in my favourite cafe and seeing red kites flying over school. 

I'm especially excited that I will soon be  seeing you all again, and my head is full of smiles.

See you Monday when you can share your happy thoughts with me.

Much love

Mrs Rock x