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ELSA email to all school - sent Wednesday 8th April

Hello everyone


The dogs and I have had a lovely week looking at all the teddies in the windows. Axel particularly liked the dinosaur and minion in the White Hart window and always wags his tail when we pass them on our walk. 


I've been spending time in the garden and have planted some peas and sweet peas. I hope they will look beautiful when they grow and I know that my guinea pigs will enjoy eating the leaves. 


Now it's the Easter holidays I've also started decorating, something I've been planning for ages. Whilst scraping the wallpaper off I noticed lots of lovely patterns and sometimes the shapes turned into birds! What do you think?  What colour do you think I will choose to paint the walls? I will keep you updated on my progress.


Buddy (who isn't really allowed in bedrooms) sneaked up to join me but wasn't much help. 


When I was cleaning I found a box of decorated pebbles that my children gave me as a gift when they were little. So I gathered a few more, washed them and used a felt pen to decorate them. I only had black as you can see. I think decorating some more with other letters would be cool. Gemstones and Crystals, let's do lots of these when we return to school. We can leave messages outside the cottage then. 


Keep safe everyone and enjoy Easter weekend. Much love as always to my school family.


Mrs Rock x