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Change to tomorrows main meal - All day breakfast is now Sausage, Chips & Beans

Good afternoon

Please see the email below from St Joseph's regarding tomorrow's lunch.  
"Due to a failed delivery today, tomorrows main meal will be slightly different to the menu. 
Main Meal - WAS - All day breakfast (sausage, omelette, hash browns and beans)
Main meal will now be - Sausage, Chips & Beans
Allergens - Sausages - GLUTEN, SULPHUR DIOXIDES
                    Beans - no allergens
                    Chips - no allergens
                   Gluten free sausages - SULPHUR DIOXIDES
                        Vegetarian sausage - no allergens  
Both Gluten free and vegetarian sausages are available as per your orders. 
Sorry for the inconvenience"
Kind regards