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Change of School Hours and Risk Assessments

Dear Parents and Carers,

As part of our regular review of our risk assessment we have decided to remove the need for staggered starts and ends of the day. We will continue to maintain our bubble structure for each year group for the first 2 weeks of the half term and then review the situation again.
After half term the following timings and arrangements will be in place.
Infant School
Nursery: Timings will be 9.00-12.00. We will continue to use the current drop off and pick up arrangements.
Reception: The gates and doors will be open from 8.45 and school will begin from 8.55. For drop off the children and parents must enter the playground through the large double gate. Parents can drop their children and then please leave via the double gate. Pick up will be at 3.15 please continue to use the double gate for entering and leaving the playground.
Year 1: Children will be collected from the Shakman playground at 8.50 and school will begin at 8.55. The children will be bought back to the Shakman Playground for at 3.15 pickup.
Year 2: The gates and doors will be open from 8.45 and school will begin from 8.55. Children must enter the playground through the small gate. Year 2 staff will be on duty at the gate to welcome the children in, parents do not need to enter the playground.Pick up will be at 3.15, we will continue to pick up from the Nursery playground.
Junior School
Year 3-6: All gates and classrooms will be open from 8.45 and school will start at 8.55. 
Members of staff will be on duty at each gate so parents do not need to enter the school site at this point in the school day.
Pick up will be at 3.30 - gates will open at 3.15 to avoid queuing at the gates. 
Please do not allow younger siblings to disrupt the end of the day for the Junior children. 
Younger siblings must not play on equipment and should be with their adult at all times. 
We will continue to use the current pick up points. 
Year 6 children, who have been given permission by parents, will be able to leave the site independently. Year 6 children being picked up at the end of the day can be collected from the school field.
After half term we will continue to review our risk assessment and will of course, if required, adjust our arrangements according to the data and guidance. 
I would like to thank you for your support and understanding during this period and, like you. I look forward to taking this step towards normal. 
Kind regards
Elen Peal

Head Teacher
Chalfont St Giles Village School