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Ash Class - Gardening

Ash Gardening Competition Plans - Top Secret!

Thank you to the parents who have already offered their support to Ash class for the gardening competition. The children are all very excited about the competition and have come up with a theme for their raised bed: ‘The Super Salad Surprise’!

Ash class were inspired by the runner bean plant that we have and would like to grow with fitness & health in mind and decorate with photos of themselves running up the runner bean stalk! We thought we might be able to make the raised bed look like an obstacle course!

They would like their items to create a salad with the surprise of edible flowers! The items we will attempt to grow will include runner beans, spring onions, tomatoes and spinach as well as edible flowers! 

If you have a current DBS and would like to help with the gardening please do get in touch. You could come and water once a week or help with some planting if you have a spare afternoon etc.

We would also welcome donations of compost, seeds, canes and items that can be used to decorate the raised bed linked to the theme. 

If you have any advice, gardening tips or ideas we would love to hear them!

Many thanks for your support,

Ash Class