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LSAs email to all Year 6 - Friday 22nd May

Hello Year 6,

I hope that you are all getting on ok and that you are enjoying the recent lovely weather.

In fact, it is this gorgeous weather that has led to, what I believe is, my ‘best buy of the half term’.


The water is still a little chilly so I’ve only managed a paddle at this stage but I’m slowly building up to getting my shoulders wet!

Miss Murray and Miss Warner have been keeping me busy with a number of half term projects – which I love because it reminds me of being at school and that, in turn, reminds me of all of you.  I really cannot wait until we are all back together again.

My little cockapoo, Luna, has also been enjoying the fine weather and we have been exploring a number of different walking routes.  We still enjoy our existing walks, but it is always nice to try something new.

The recent VE celebrations were welcomed with much enthusiasm on our street.  In addition to being an important historic event, it gave us the opportunity to talk (appropriately socially distanced) with our neighbours during the designated times.  Some of you may remember that Mrs Crosbie does enjoy a good ole chat and VE Day was the first day in a while that I had been able to do that.  My family said that I made the most of it!

I have seen some of you in the village recently and, while talking, I have been so impressed by your ability to adapt to such a new situation.  Some of you say that you are a little bored and I can understand that but I suppose we’ve all had to think differently about lots of things.   My mum used to say that ‘When you’re bored, you are at your most creative’, and I think all of you could give me examples to prove her right.

I miss you all very much and hope that you are keeping safe.  Keep smiling and keep looking after yourselves and your families.

Mrs Crosbie.


Dear Acacia and Bonsai

When I last wrote to all, I remember talking about my daily walks with my dog, Inca, in search of signs of spring – I was bundled up in a coat and scarf, looking for blooming daffodils and cherry blossom.  Well, we seem to have fast-forwarded through spring and time has marched swiftly on. It feels positively like summer at the moment and we are all wearing shorts and sunscreen!   I’m still going out on my daily walks with Inca and I am really very grateful that the sun is shining and the weather has been so lovely – it does help us feel more positive.  I hope you have been able to enjoy some time outdoors.
I am lucky that we have a beautiful garden to spend time in too and have enjoyed this very much.  Whether it’s sitting quietly reading in the shade, having a bbq or playing some badminton on the lawn with my boys, it has been a real bonus.  I am looking forward to being able to do a bit more gardening soon too, now that I can buy some plants.  It was great looking at the drawings some of you sent in and posted on the blog, showing the views outside your windows into your own gardens – there was a whole variety of outdoor activities going on there!
I’ve also been busy inside the house, finding lots of jobs that need to be done. We’ve managed to do quite a lot of painting and feel very proud of what we have achieved, so far.  There’s still more to do but it does make you feel very good when you complete tasks you’ve been meaning to do for a long time.  There are a few cupboards that still need clearing out, which I’m still putting off though!

I’ve also ‘learnt’ how to do several things I never thought I’d do, one of which is cutting hair.  There have been a few ‘bad hair’ days here but generally I’m quite pleased with my efforts and somewhat surprised I was even allowed to go anywhere near my older son’s hair, as he is quite particular about his hair and he’s got a lot of it!   I also tried a bit of flower arranging – an old school friend is a florist and posted an online video showing how to create an arrangement with things growing in your garden.


One of the really nice things that has happened due to current events has been re-establishing contact with lots of my old school friends, some of whom we haven’t been in contact for a while.  We have created a WhatsApp group of our whole year and share lots of funny stories and messages to keep us going. It just shows that school friendships really do last a long time!

We have had several celebrations during lock-down, including a birthday, an anniversary and VE day which of course were somewhat different to expectations but we adapted and had a good time nevertheless.  I hope anyone who has had a ‘lock-down birthday’ had a good day too.

I have continued to do lots of baking, cakes and bread mainly, some for those celebrations I mentioned and other times, just for fun.  Lots of cooking for everyone else too.  You wouldn’t believe how much food is consumed by two teenage boys!


Many ordinary, everyday activities are going on in my house, as I’m sure that they are in yours.  My boys are doing school work or university work – both of them have exams to prepare for – and my husband is busy working from home.  


However, we do try to take time when we can to do things together - sometimes it is a game of cards, a quiz or a chat around the table at meal times.  It’s important to remember that these are unusual times and we are all allowed to have up and down days, but being with family is not a bad place to be.

It does feel like a long time since we were all together and a lot has happened in between. I know you have been working hard and keeping busy with the work Miss Murray and Miss Warner have been sending to you.  I really hope it won’t be long before I get to see you again and catch up with all your news. I look forward to that time very much.  Take care of yourselves and keep safe.

Lots of love,
Mrs Davies