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LSA & SSAs email to Year 2 - Friday 22nd May

Dear Year 2


Hello everyone, we hope you are all well and keeping safe.  We have written some news for you to let you know what we have been doing in the last few weeks. We are all missing you so much.


Miss Watts has been growing sunflowers just like we started at school. She is having a competition with her family to see whose sunflower is the tallest. They are measuring them every day and writing it down. The tallest one has reached 7 cm! She is hoping hers catches up soon!  She has been busy helping her children find out about which animals hibernate during winter time.  She has found out lots of information about bats and hedgehogs and made some posters with drawings and facts about them. Miss Watts and her family were very excited, as one evening they spotted a hedgehog in their garden! They found out that hedgehogs like to eat dog food, so they brought some and have been leaving it out every night. They are also hoping to make their own hedgehog house. 


Mrs Herriott has been out riding her bike most days, she loves cycling and has discovered lots of new places to cycle to. She always makes sure she wears her helmet and some brightly coloured clothes so that she can easily be seen.  She has also been sitting very quietly in the woods in a tent called a 'hide', so far she has seen two deer,  a hare and lots of rabbits. She loves listening to the birds and seeing all the wildlife. The other day she heard a cuckoo.  Have you ever heard a cuckoo? Do you know what they look like? Mrs Herriott suggested you might like to look up a cuckoo and draw a picture of one. Maybe you could sit outside and see what animals you can hear.


Mrs Lawrence has been busy baking, she doesn't normally get the time to bake. She has baked cakes, muffins and biscuits! Have you done any baking? What is the tastiest thing you have made? Mrs Lawrence's dog is getting very fluffy and a bit smelly - she has given her a bath and a good brush but she really needs to go to the dog groomers. Mrs Lawrence has been reading a lot and has organised her children's books.  We all hope you are keeping up with your reading too!


Mrs Radcliffe has been keeping busy doing lots of jobs around the house and has found that she really enjoys painting and decorating. She has just finished her daughter's bedroom and her next job is to paint the new garden shed. Mrs Radcliffe and her family are doing lots of cooking and have planned themed evenings. Last weekend they had an Italian night and made pizza bases and had as many toppings as possible. Next weekend they are planning a Mama Mia evening and looking forward to playing and dancing to Abba. Trixi  has been enjoying laying on her rug in the sun in the sunniest spot in the garden. Mrs Radcliffe is teaching her new tricks so she doesn't become lazy. She has learnt to spin and ring a bell, but they would like her to pick all her toys up! 

Some exciting news Mrs Radcliffe has is that there is a mother fox and her six cubs in her neighbour's garden. She has managed to get a photograph of one of the cubs although mostly they come out at night. Unfortunately, they don't go into her garden as Trixie keeps watch and rushes out if she sees anything moving and scares them off. Mrs Knight will have to keep a watch that the cubs do not come into her garden because they would frighten her rabbits!


Mrs Knight has been out every day walking her dogs, Teddy and Daisy and has enjoyed seeing deer and rabbits on her walks. She has been busy baking too. Her son Charlie enjoys her chocolate cake the most. Mrs Knight's plants are growing well and her potatoes and carrots are doing particularly well. Have you been growing any vegetables in your garden? It's really exciting watching them grow from a seed to a plant isn't it?  This week it is going to be very warm. Make sure you put your sun cream on when you are out enjoying the sun. Maybe you will be able to get your paddling pool out. Teddy and Daisy are filling their pool up as they love getting in the water when it's hot.


We all miss you and your smiling faces and can't wait to see you all soon. Keep up with your reading and activities. We're sure you are all doing an amazing job.  We hope to see you all soon. 


Take care and keep safe.


Miss Watts, Mrs Herriott, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Radcliffe and Mrs Knight