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LSA & SSAs email to all Year 1 - Friday 22nd May

Dear Emerald and Ruby Class,


We do hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely sunshine!


I have been busy taking my lovely dog Scoobs for his daily walk and helping my children with their learning. I have been helping at the junior school which is lovely. I have been painting stones with my children and hiding them around the village for people to find. These are the ones we have just painted ready to hide, you might be lucky to find one on your daily walks.


I am still persevering with a jigsaw, it’s proving to be a challenge, but it’s good use of my Emerald power! I have also started a latch hook design and am making a picture of a puppy dog with a bright red ball. Our budgie Sammy is having a lovely time as he can fly out of his cage most of the time if he wants to and he is very chatty!


Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon,


Mrs Ratcliiffe


Dear Emerald and Ruby Class,


I know lots of you have been out on daily walks to get fresh air. I have been on some lovely long walks with my dog Woody and we have been nature watching! I’ve seen lots of butterflies and even came face to face with a deer! Luckily Woody missed it, he loves to race them. I had a lovely VE day with my family and loved listening to the music from my garden and having a home made cream tea, yum! I have enjoyed keeping in touch with the rest of my family with phone calls and even managed my first Zoom meeting! I’ve been busy doing lots of reading, like you and have been creating some beautiful flower pressings.


Happy Half Term, Mrs Fowkes





Dear Emerald and Ruby Class,


Hope you are all working hard & getting lots of exercise! I am still doing Joe Wicks every morning! Molly's home schooling keeps me pretty busy! She is looking forward to half-term next week! I don't know if you have seen all the lovely ducklings in the Village pond? Molly & I walk down every evening & feed them, we have discovered they love meal-worms!! Since our cat has got so old she no longer shows an interest in birds so we have bought a bird bath & feeder. It’s lovely seeing all the birds eating & chattering! 

We have also put up a squirrel bench & put nuts on it every day for our resident squirrel!


Thank you so much for your dancing video, it really made me smile, I have been missing all your smiley faces!!


Take care & stay safe! Hope to see you all soon.


Miss Rogers



Dear Year 1,


I hope you and your families are doing well. I can’t believe how long it’s been since we saw each other last! I’ve been very busy at home with my family and time seems to go so quickly!  We’ve been enjoying long walks with our dog Olive. 



We celebrated VE Day in our garden with lots of flags and yummy food.  We also had a birthday, my daughter turned 14 and we all shared a huge chocolate cake!!


I hope you are all happy at home and we will see each other soon,


Mrs Pearsall


Dear Year 1,


Well, it’s been a while since we have seen each other and I am missing you all!

I have been keeping myself busy with home schooling Ollie, gardening and lots of walks with my dog. Yesterday, Ollie and I went on our bikes to Hodgemoor Woods.   We came across something beautiful at the bottom of a tree. It was a little fairy house that someone had made.  I have taken a photo so when I see you I will be able to show you.  It made me really smile when I saw it.  We also came across a big rope swing, Ollie had so much fun playing on it. 


At the weekend Ollie found a little fledgling in our garden that had left his nest too early and had hurt his wing.  We managed to very carefully put a little bandage around it, made him a soft warm bed in a little box and took him to Tiggywinkles the animal hospital so as they could look after him until his wing got better.  He was very cute.


We have lots of birds’ nests in our garden and it is lovely to listen to all the babies chirping when mummy bird comes back with food.  


Big hugs and stay safe,


Mrs Gillam x