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LSA & SSA email to all Year 5s - Friday 22nd May

Hello all you lovely children of year 5.

We are missing you and school life very much and we are sure you are too.   Some of you have been seen out walking by members of staff and have been able to have a social distance chat, which has been nice and the information has been shared amongst the staff.  It’s always nice to see a friendly face, technology is great but it’s so much nicer to see someone personally.

Mrs Salmon has been walking in lots of different places and exploring different areas now that we can travel a little further.  She went on a long walk around the footpaths in Great Missenden and was lucky enough to see a little foal.


She also found a road with her name on! With some rainbow hearts just for her!


The views over the hills were fantastic.


Miss Footwells and her son have also been out exploring and finding some new places to visit.  They were out last week on their daily walk and they could hear a trickling of water so they knew there must be water nearby.  They followed the sound and came across the most beautiful mini waterfall and a bridge to play pooh sticks.  Have you ever played pooh sticks?  They loved how such a simple game could give them so much fun.  Miss Footwells son was overjoyed when he won – Miss Footwells reckons it was beginners luck!
We hope you have been enjoying story time at 3pm with the staff - it's lovely to see a friendly face telling a story.  It is one of the highlights of our day to guess who might be the reader of the day. It reminds us of a programme of when we were little girls called Playschool; when a story was read and each day it was through a different window (arched, round or square) and we would try and guess which window it would be.


We also have been enjoying this time to be able to catch up on reading some novels either in the garden or snuggled up somewhere.  Nothing beats a good read with a cup of tea; with a biscuit of course! We hope you have been carrying on with your reading and enjoying some good books as well as reading eggs. As Mrs English always says, “We breathe in reading and exhale writing.”


Mr & Mrs Patrick-Smith have been working very hard in the garden getting all their hanging baskets and window boxes summer ready! They are already starting to look pretty with all the different plants starting to fill out and jostle for space! They make their house look very cheerful.



We’re sure some of you are having virtual meetings with friends and family members outside your home (this seems to be the new norm.) Miss Smerdon’s daughter has been having some virtual ballet lessons once a week and she loves them and is trying very hard to learn the steps.  It’s certainly nice to keep in touch and we are very fortunate to have this technology - Mrs Salmon quite often has breakfast with her children via a video link- .  It makes us think of those poor military personnel during both world wars, who only could write letters to their family and loved ones; they would take some time in getting delivered too! Soldiers wrote letters in their spare moments sometimes from the front line trenches; imagine how difficult it must have been for them even to get paper and pen! So although times seem hard for us we are fortunate in other ways that we can keep connected and by doing that keeping our morale up.


Speaking of wars, did any of you celebrate VE Day? It was the 75th anniversary this year.  Some streets held a self-distancing street party.  It started with the neighbours coming out at 11 am to be part of the 2 minute silence to remember the heroes of the wars. Later in the day the Patrick-Smith and Salmon households put tables and chairs on their driveway and enjoyed having afternoon tea and listening to 1940’s music.



We have certainly made new friends of our neighbours; that we had not met before.  At 9pm we all came out again to sing ‘We’ll meet again’. Mr and Mrs Salmon got all the road dancing and singing. 


We have been doing virtual quizzes with family and also with other members of staff and it’s nice for us to be able to see our colleagues and have a bit of fun. We have had some fantastic quiz masters and good questions which keeps us all on the ball and has tested our knowledge.


Miss Smerdon has been doing some cooking but flour seems to be in high demand so a packet mix was the alternative.  She made banana muffins that were really yummy and some flapjacks as they don’t need flour.


The Smerdons have again been hot on the trail for bugs and this week found a false widow spider in the garden.  Miss Smerdon knew they existed but had never seen one before, so was very excited. Her daughter found some shiny beetles living on their rosemary plant.


They also found hundreds of caterpillars on one of their hedges and have been trying to get them all off otherwise there won’t be any hedge left!  They are caterpillars of the box moth and live on box hedging.  You may notice some on your walks if you look around as they cause severe defoliation. They were first found in gardens in 2011 (the adult moth first seen in Britain in 2008.) By 2015 they had become established in London and surrounding counties and unfortunately are now spreading further causing a serious insect pest problem. You don’t want them in your garden!  Unfortunately for Mrs Salmon they have completely demolished 2 of her box hedge plants in her garden and she has had to remove them.

This picture shows over a hundred caterpillars Miss Smerdon and her daughter managed to get from just 2 plants.  They have over 75 plants of this type in their garden.  They have lots of caterpillar catching to do!!


We all enjoyed reading your lovely poems about the sound collector. Have you noticed how quiet it can be sometimes? It’s nice just to listen and see if you can work out what the sound is and where it is coming from. See if you can listen carefully when you wake up in the morning or going to sleep at night; tune into the sounds around you, you may be surprised at what you can hear. Listen out for sounds if you go on a daily walk you might find something interesting; just like Miss Footwells did. We have noticed that the bird song seems louder, Mrs Salmon has a little Robin in her garden that comes up really close, she also has a family of foxes on some waste land next to her and saw a cub creeping through her garden.   She can sometimes hear the foxes barking at night.


We look forward to seeing you again soon when we can get back to our school environment and be able to chat to one another and hear all about your adventures! (Social distancing of course)

We hope that you are all well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine that we are having.

In the words of Sir Tom (you must have heard of him!! - Possibly even been inspired to do something because of him) he was knighted on the 20th May.


Give a little smile and get a little smile back!


With love from Mrs Salmon, Mrs Patrick-Smith and Miss Footwells and Miss Smerdon.