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LSA / SSA email - Year 6 - Friday 3rd April

Good morning year 6,


As we come to the end of our second week away from each other, I’d like to take the opportunity to check in with you all.


I hope that you are all well and that you are making the most of this rather unique situation. I have, as I am sure you have, been adapting to a very different pace of life but I’m endeavouring to keep myself as busy and as active as I can.  In fact, my target of teaching my family Italian has started progressing nicely.  We have begun with commonly used verbs, basic vocabulary and numbers 1-100.  I am trying to make it as fun and enjoyable as I can but I am no ‘French snail’ (you remember the snail…) and do not have his level of dance moves! Well, I’m trying hard all the same. Perhaps – if you haven’t already - you should consider becoming more confident in a second language: you could continue with French or get a head start with Spanish or German, a language you may learn from September.  Why not tap into the one of the numerous online language programmes available and surprise yourselves! 


Another family aim is to learn how to touch type (type using all fingers and not looking down at the keyboard).  As a result of my pre-classroom life, my typing is pretty decent and my family’s skills, thanks to 20mins on the BBC programme Dance Mat, are improving every day.  


The other two aspects of my life that have been enjoying some quality attention during this time are my garden and my lovely Cockerpoo, Luna (some of you might not know about her: it’s not as if I talk about her all the time or anything!)  My garden is beginning to respond to the beautiful sunshine we’ve been enjoying and colours are popping out all over the place.  Luna waits with much anticipation and excitement for her daily, energetic walk in the park, the Dell, Stoney Meadow and Hodgemoor woods.   She loves nothing more than racing around after any old stick, that’s when she’s not nose to the ground, sniffing out anything new she can find and is getting much better on coming back when she is called.  We’ve noticed that most of the outdoors has dried out nicely now but that does not stop Luna finding any piece of wet and muddy ground, only slowing when she really can’t fit any more mud around her legs.  On our return, she’s cleaned up and she then enjoys a little mid afternoon nap with her favourite toy, ‘Baby’.


Well, that’s my update kiddies.  I have seen some of you on my dog walk and it is so nice to see you spending time outdoors with your families.  Keep up with your school stuff and always find ways to give yourself that individual challenge.   Be kind to your siblings and to yourself and think positive.  

I miss you all very, very much and think about you every day. 



Mrs Crosbie

Dear Bonsai and Acacia

It’s been another unusual week, not being in school together, with all the usual buzz and excitement that would normally be happening during the last week of term!  I hope you’ve all had a busy time nonetheless at home, getting used to a new way of doing your school work. I know Miss Murray and Miss Warner have been working hard to keep you all busy!

I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to this week to keep myself busy. I’ve done lots of tidying and sorting out (you should try doing it too, it’s a good feeling!), I’ve baked some brownies, which were rapidly consumed by my hungry boys, drunk many cups of tea and I’ve loved being able to enjoy some reading- I’ve just finished “Floodland” which I was reading with my Guided Group.  We’ve also started a 1000 piece “Where’s Wally? jigsaw puzzle, which wiles away the time very nicely.  After digging around in the cupboards, we unearthed and dusted off our old ‘Wii’ system, which has prompted some family bowling and golf tournaments.  Very competitive, but needless to say, my boys have been beating me hands down!

The weather has turned a little colder but that’s not stopped me getting out and about in the garden with my dog, Inca and enjoying some of the signs of spring.  We’ve also been for local walks up to the common, taking our daily exercise.  Inca is a very busy and inquisitive Springer Spaniel and can usually be found rummaging in a hedge, nose to the ground, her tail wagging enthusiastically.  She is always keen to get out for a walk, and her eagerness is a real incentive to get out and enjoy some fresh air.  Today, with the sun shining, Inca lead the way and we headed off to the common. Although we can’t venture far at the moment, it was still lovely to be able to enjoy the sights and sounds.  Not surprisingly, it was very quiet, with only the birds singing cheerfully and nobody else around, but we had a lovely time and I thought I’d take some photos, so you could share our walk.

I really hope you have been able to enjoy some time outside this week too.  In case you need some persuasion or encouragement to get out there, perhaps you’d like to try the attached Nature Hunt, which lists some things to go and find in your garden or on local walk.  Have fun!

Missing you all.

Love from

Mrs Davies

Hi Everyone,


I hope you are all keeping well. I’m sure you can’t be bored yet. 


Lots of studying to do     I’m enjoying the rainbows in windows 


Mr Shankland’s maths group:- are the missions going well?


For Kai:- keep rocking 


As a suggestion for you all, take some photos of the flowers appearing in your garden or count how many different birds in your garden.


When I’ve not been out in the garden preparing the vegetable bed, I’ve been used as a sofa by the dogs and exercising the rats: as you’ll see in the photos.


Keep safe and exercise your minds and bodies and give me and Sky a wave if you see us out!


Mr Shankland