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Letter to Nursery - Friday 3rd April

Hello Everybody! 


What a busy time Ellie and Cuddles and the nursery teachers have been having!


Cuddles is missing his friends, but has been busy drawing pictures and writing letters to them. 


Cuddles put all the pens away when the drawings were finished, and would love it if you help to tidy your toys away at home too.


Ellie was delighted to receive a card from Cuddles! 


Cuddles also knows it is important to exercise to stay healthy, so has been for a walk and climbing trees, with a grown up to help. 


At nursery, you have all been so clever in making your own sandwiches and decorating biscuits. Can you help your grown-ups make lunch at home? I hope you can.


Take care all and keep well.


Love from Mrs Nolan and Mrs Byrne.