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Learning Outside the Classroom


Our LOtC mission statement:


At Chalfont St Giles Village School Learning Outside the Classroom contributes to the development of the whole child. It is our mission to encourage our children to:-


  • Explore outside and make connections with all aspects of their learning
  • Ask and answer questions of both the built and natural world and reach their own conclusions
  • Show care and respect for all things
  • Be inspired and motivated by the wonder of our world




We believe that Learning Outside the Classroom can supplement and enrich the curriculum of our school by providing experiences which would otherwise be impossible.


All Learning Outside the Classroom experiences serve an educational purpose, enhancing and enriching our children’s learning. Real-world learning brings the benefits of formal and informal education together and reinforces meaningful learning through acquiring knowledge and skills through real-life, practical or hands-on activities.


There are numerous benefits to Learning Outside the Classroom for all our children, including those with Special Educational Needs, such as:


  • Consolidating learning through real life, practical activities
  • Aiding transition to new places and situations
  • Increasing motivation and willingness to learn
  • Developing confidence and self-awareness
  • Developing social and communication skills
  • Meeting different challenges and becoming more independent
  • Demonstrating achievement – through awards, displays and presentations


Work that takes place outside of the classroom can provide a very powerful means of developing learning in all curriculum areas, and thus can raise attainment.


Curriculum links


All Learning Outside the Classroom activities take place during curriculum time. This includes our:


  • Weekly Forest School sessions for EYFS and Year 1
  • Working with music, art and sporting professionals, both on and off-site
  • Maintaining and developing close working links within the local community e.g. our parish church, shops, community library
  • Working in collaboration with local schools, as part of the LOtC network
  • Providing the opportunities for termly trips to support and enhance in-school learning
  • Annual residential trips