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Khan Academy - Mr Holmes maths class - Wed 1st April

1st April email


Dear Year 4 Parents


Thank you for signing on to Khan Academy.


Our apologies for the teething troubles with setting this up. This system does not automatically set work once you have created an account. This has to be activated by the account manager (Mr Holmes).


Now that all of the pupils in Mr Holmes's maths class have been added, they can see their work and Mr H0lmes can set work for them easily. 


As requested children have set up usernames - please can you fill in the online form here to let us know your child's name and their username so that Mr Holmes can tie the two together 


If any children created a Khan academy account after Tuesday lunchtime please can you let the office know so that Mr Holmes can update the details and set work for them.


Kind regards


30th March email


Good morning


Mr Holmes set some work on Khan Academy last week but this work only went to those people who had registered at that point. 


He has logged in again this morning and updated the work for everyone in the class who had registered at that point, so it should now have appeared. Please let the office know if that is not the case!