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ELSA Email - Wednesday 3rd February

Hello everyone
I hope you are all well and glad that January is out of the way. Not wishing to wish time away, but in 26 days we will be in March and hopefully experiencing some Spring sunshine. 


Lovely to see some beautiful snowdrops this week. 
Over the last couple of weeks I have been using the Worry Tree as a resource to talk through anxiety. I know I shared this with you last spring but I know your children find it really useful. 
Firstly notice your worry.
Some people feel butterflies, sweaty palms or find it difficult to concentrate. 
What is the worry?
Does your child know why they feel worried?
Can anything be done to get rid of the worry?
If so, make a plan. So, if the worry is that they might not have anyone to play with break time, a plan might be to ask before break. Or ask the teacher on duty to help. 
Let it go
My favourite part ... children are brilliant at this, they might laser the worry, kick it over a fence, throw it over your shoulder pop it like a bubble or watch it float away.. The ideas are endless! Have fun with it. 
Think about something else
Think about something lovely, stroking a pet or reading a story in bed. 
Sometimes, especially in these troubled times we just feel worried and don't really know why. Sometimes there is nothing we can do and we have to tell ourselves that professionals are dealing with it and all we can do is follow the rules. Wash our hands etc. Then let it go and think of something else. Find something that helps you relax, a shower or quiet reading. 
We're all different. 
Thank you for your messages, it's good to know that some of you are feeding the birds and that you've learned the names of some. I've put up a feeder in my front garden and we've had a really good variety of birds feeding from it. 
Mr Shankland saw 21 different species of birds at school on Monday! Wow!
My dog Buddy is a bit poorly at the moment, he has hurt his back we think so he's taking it easy. He's off to the vets later this week. He's very quiet which is unusual. 
Hope to see some of you on my daily walks.
Mrs Rock