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ELSA Email - Wednesday 27th Jan

Hello everyone,


Wow, what a wonderful snowy weekend we've had. I'm so happy that the snow settled for you, so you could enjoy it for a couple of days.


We've had a few lovely walks with the dogs. They were so excited to see the snow and rolled in it, ate it and tried to carry snowballs.




I made some snow angels and Buddy and Axel went daft jumping on me! We also found a wonderful snowman that someone had made in the fields by Hodgemoor. 



I find walking in snow very mindful, when you're surrounded by such loveliness it's easy to think about the moment you are in, rather than be worrying about the past or the future. Being quite clumsy, I have to stay in the moment and focus on not tripping over! 


Lots of your children have practised 5 star breathing when out with me and we usually use our hand as the star and take a slow in breath as you trace up one finger and a slow out breath as you trace down the finger. 



Another mindfulness activity that we use, gently helps to bring yourself back to the moment. This is a really useful technique for your children to practise and is great to stave off exam/test panic or to calm down if we are feeling a big emotion. 


It's simple. Take a couple of 5 star breaths, then say or think :


What you can see

What you can hear

What you can feel


For example at the moment I can:


See snow

Hear cars on the road

Feel my feet on the ice


You can add to this and perhaps say 2 things for each or add I can smell or taste (great if you're drinking hot chocolate)


It's a good chatting activity and great to get used to doing. 


Thank you for last week's feedback, I loved hearing about your lunches with your special toys. 

I want to end by saying how absolutely brilliantly you are all doing. Working, helping your children home learn, keeping everything ticking over... You all deserve a big hug and should give yourselves a special treat. 


Mrs Rock x