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ELSA Email - Wednesday 24th February

Hello everyone


I hope you all had a good half term break and got to do something you enjoy. I've spoken to a few of you and I know that some of you have had fun baking, bike riding, looking at old family photos and watching You Tube. 


My nicest experience was finally getting to see my mum. She played it very cool but I noticed she had curled her hair and had a very big smile. 


Now that we are talking about lockdown easing I wondered what you are all looking forward to doing? 


My mum, who isn't at all a huggy person, said she's going to hug everyone she meets!! But I think that's going to be a while before that's possible. 


Mr Shankland is looking forward to visiting the wildlife trust to go bird watching. 


I'm looking forward to brunch at my favourite cafe. 


I know that some of you are feeling a little worried about returning to school soon but please remember we are all here for you. I will make sure I'm around as much as possible to say Hello.


It's been lovely seeing the sun shine, I had a wander around school today and saw lots of signs of Spring. It made me feel happy to think about all the lovely things we will soon be doing. 






Mr Shankland has been adding to the willow tunnel on the top playground so it's much longer now. 


Please send positive thoughts to our little dog Sky who is having lots of teeth out on Friday. 


Have a good week


Mrs Rock