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ELSA Email - Wednesday 10th February

Hello everyone

Goodness, it really has been cold for the last few days hasn't it? I had the windows open in my room at school on Monday afternoon and snow was swirling in!

I was watching a pair of robins hopping around my garden at the weekend, one of them was finding seeds and feeding them to the other robin.
It made me think of all the different ways we show each other that we care.
I think as a Mum and indeed as Mrs Rock, I often show my love for my family and my school family with nurture. Hot chocolate, toast  or flapjacks (we love making flapjacks in Crystals) will, I think make some of you smile. Today I made Mr Shankland a hot chocolate after he'd been out in the cold.
At the weekend my daughter made me a delicious dinner of falafel wraps. She even made the wraps! That made me feel very cared for.



I wonder how you all show that you care for someone?
Perhaps if it's people you live with you give them a hug.
Making someone a card, writing a letter or drawing a picture is a lovely way of showing that you care.
I know at school before this lockdown we talked about sending air hugs to friends, making a heart sign with your hands and throwing it to your friends.
Lots of you made up different ways of doing this.

Sometimes it's lovely to sit down and talk to someone and really listen to what the other person is saying. That shows that you care and are interested in them.  We like looking at old photos and talking about when my children were little, or talking about pets that have lived with us. I love photos.

Thank you for your good wishes for Buddy, he feels very special knowing you have been thinking about him. He is feeling much better now and saw his favourite vet, she thinks he injured his neck.  We noticed on Friday that he was wagging his tail again although it's hard to see in the picture as it's wagging so fast! 



Have a fun half term everyone.

Mrs Rock x