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ELSA Email - Thursday 6th Jan

Hello everyone, 

What a start to the New Year, yet again we find ourselves learning from home.

I hope that you all enjoyed your festivities at Christmas, I know it was so difficult to not be able to see family and friends. I found it sad not being able to see my elderly Mum but she was surprisingly cheerful, knowing that a vaccine will be with her soon. 

Before Christmas we spent lots of time doing crafts, making window pictures, candle holders and colouring Christmas cards. I did notice how much we all chatted as we crafted with the TV off and some music playing. 

It was also lovely to once again walk around admiring all the lovely Christmassy windows. I've seen lots of you walking past ours so we decided to keep the lights up but with a different theme. 

We are keen nature lovers in our house (lots of you know how much I love red kites) and have been keeping a list of birds we've seen in our garden. Yesterday we were lucky enough to see some redwings feeding on berries in our garden. We often see a blackbird with a few white tail feathers. 

I noticed on another site that yesterday was National Bird Day so we have decorated our window with lots of birds. The penguin picture is a real favourite and has the words "Everything will be alright" on it.

Mr Shankland drew the kingfishers. I hope you enjoy it if you walk past. 


So my challenge to you is how many birds can you see in your garden or on your walk? Can you identify them and perhaps even photograph or draw them?  I shall be doing this too and will report back next week. 

Here is a link to RSPB for children.

Much love


Mrs Rock x