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Communication with teachers - Beech - Monday 20th April

Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to organise for some more individual contact between teachers and pupils so that we can 'check in' with them and hear and see how everything is going.

Every two weeks you will get a phone call for your child from their class teacher or if they are unavailable a member of the school teaching team.

Teachers will contact your child using the details we have in the school office once every fortnight. If you are unable to answer they will try again within the fortnight period.

This call must be placed on speaker phone and an adult must be in the room. This will be verified by the teacher calling.

The call is an opportunity for your child to talk about how things are going, what they are enjoying and what they may be struggling with. Your child might want to share something they have been proud of or something fun you have been doing at home.

Expect the number that comes up on your phone to say, 'unavailable' or ‘number with-held’ as teachers may be using their personal phones to make these phone calls

Parents and children can now also send in some work for feedback each week using the class email address-

Your child can select two pieces of work each week that they are most proud of, would like some feedback on and / or would like their teacher to see.

This work needs to be emailed in via the class email address.

The teacher will give feedback and respond to the work.

Please make sure all questions and queries continue to be sent to the school office.

We hope this goes some way to helping you and your children during this challenging time.