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Chalfont St Giles Literary Festival

Literary Festivals have been held in Chalfont St Giles since 2006. Our next Festival is due to run from 12th –24th May 2020. We hope you like our selection of speakers who cover an amazing variety of subjects.


"We feel sure you will be interested in the social history we cover: from Henry VIII, through The Mayflower, The Regent’s Canal, The Mountbattens to Latimer House. Women are represented by talks on Florence Nightingale, Fashion, Dorothy Parker and Women Pioneers; Science by talks celebrating 100 year of Vaccinations and exploring problems of Mental Health; English by talks on the Language of Conversation, P G Wodehouse, Wordsworth & Milton and How to Write. In being broad-minded, we also look forward to talks on the Mafia, and finding out if Crime Does Pay. Finally we welcome local musical talent for an enjoyable evening.


Whilst there is plenty here to interest a variety of tastes, I am pleased that we are continuing with our writing competitions for our three village schools and that we have prizes for students (aged between 11 and 22). We are giving first prizes in all classes of £75, £50 for seconds and £25 for thirds."


Please visit the Festival website for more details.

Writing Competition




The writing competition linked to the Festival covers three age categories:


11-14, 15-18 and 19-22; and two classes: poetry and prose.


Entries to the competition should be on one of the following themes:


The Mayflower sailed to America 400 years ago, taking the Pilgrim Fathers who were escaping persecution. Today asylum seekers are leaving the Middle East to try and make a new life in Europe. Imagine you are escaping from persecution and write a blog about your escape.


50 years of fashion: the current trend for ‘wear it once and throw it away’ is causing more pollution. How would you solve this problem?


Crime and punishment: does crime pay?


Entry forms can be found on the LIterary Festival website here