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The Money Bear$

Cook 2: The Money Bear$

"The Bear$ like Honey, We like Money !!!"

Product 1: $tress Ball$

Our first Product is the Stress ball. It is a very cheap product for only 1 pound 50 pence and it is unbreakable, unless you use scissors of course! :)

  • They are brightly coloured
  • Fun
  • Come in different designs

Product 2: Emoji or Personalised Clay Models

This is a great collectable which is highly in fashion.

  1. We will be selling them from Wednesday lunch time to the end of Friday lunch time.
  2. On the last day we will be selling Poo and Devil Emojis for 2 pounds each (limited edition).
  3. We have the best Emoji-related products out in the market so you must come to the Money Bears stall before stock runs out.
  4. Product Price Quality
    Stress Ball £1.50 10/10
    Emoji collectables £1.50 10/10