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Social and Emotional Well-being

Key Information - Social and Emotional Wellbeing


Children's social and emotional wellbeing is important in its own right but also because it affects their physical health (both as a child and as an adult) and can determine how well they do at school.


At Chalfont St Giles Village School we believe it is important to:


  • Create an ethos and conditions that support positive behaviours for learning and for successful relationships.
  • Ensure that the school’s values have a central place in our classrooms and the wider school community.
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging irrespective of gender, race or perceived social status.
  • Provide an emotionally secure and safe environment that prevents any form of bullying or violence.
  • Promote resilience by helping pupils to shift their reliance on support from outside (I have) to their own internal skills (I can), while building their own personal attitudes and feelings (I am).
  • Provide specific help for those children most at risk (or already showing signs) of social, emotional and behavioural problems.


To support these aims we:


  • Focus on the rights and responsibilities of each individual and collectively by providing activities to support the development of social and emotional skills and wellbeing.
  • Work to prevent discrimination, bullying and violence in all areas of school life by reinforcing classroom-based teaching in assemblies and play times.
  • Provide a curriculum that integrates the development of social and emotional skills within all subject areas including problem-solving, coping, conflict management/resolution and understanding and managing feelings.
  • Use peer groups and our Nurture Group (see below) to help children to develop skills of empathy and to feel understood by their peers. 
  • Listen to the pupil voice through the School Council to ensure that our pupils are consulted as part of the process of school improvement.
  • Support parents and carers to develop their parenting skills through providing information and sign-posting to programmes run by appropriately trained health or education practitioners.
  • Ensure that teachers and other staff have the knowledge, understanding and skills to deliver this curriculum effectively, including how to manage different behaviours and how to build successful relationships.


Nurture Group


We recognise that in order to learn children need to be emotionally stable and happy within school, we therefore offer a range of emotional support across the school.

Each site has a Nurture Group: Crystals at the Infant School which consists of selected Year 1 children and Comets at the Junior School which consists of selected Year 4 children. Alongside the curriculum we look at how to recognise and cope with different emotions as well as sharing experiences. We have facilities to cook and also to learn in the schools’ outdoor areas.

We also offer small group support for a range of needs and 1:1 support from the school’s Higher Level Teaching Assistant who is trained to support children through a variety of needs such as bereavement, friendship issues and low self-esteem.