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This is a new section of the website to promote local community events.

Adult Netball Club (July 2018 to October 2018)


I am currently looking into the possibility of organising a CSG netball club during the summer months. It would be held at the Junior School and most likely be a Monday evening from 19.30-20.30.


In order to set this up I need to invest in some bibs and balls and also need to arrange public liability insurance so I am trying to gauge if there is enough interest. Mrs Peal has agreed for us in principle to use the court each week at the Junior School and I plan to continue running through the holidays.


Realistically it would be May - Sept due to us losing the daylight at other times. To cover the costs plus leave some to donate to the school I estimate the cost would be approximately £2-£3 per person. The hour would really be a chance to have a game.


I'm hoping a few regulars would come forward and take it in turns for a 15 minute coaching session at the start followed by a 40 min match. It would be very low, key friendly and fun. Nothing serious! Just a chance to play as I have found the back to netball session times don't work for me in the evenings and I have recently stopped playing for a team so this seemed a good happy-medium! This isn't a school mum only thing, anyone would be welcome. If anyone is interested please contact me at:


Thanks everyone!